About me.

I'm Ioannis (Yiannis), and I'm currently designing digital products at scale for Google Search in London and previously for Google Maps. Over the past 9 years, I've worked on a wide range of tech verticals aligning human-centered solutions with positive business outcomes.

I have a passion for sharing my learnings with the design community. Speaking to big events like TED X or small Meet-ups I'm always keen on connecting with an audience.

Strong believer that together we can move forward as a discipline, I've organized the Behance Portfolio Review in Athens and London, with over 500 attendees for more than 10 times. Also, I mentor and teach design courses for both junior and more advanced designers on DesignLab.


With over 9+ years of experience, I have helped different organizations in Athens and London ranging from Big Tech, Fintech, E-commerce, and SaaS align human-centered solutions with positive business outcomes.

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& Awards.

Design awards

  • A’ Design Award, Bronze - International Industrial Design Award for the workstation - ERGON
  • Dromeas Design Award, Silver - Industrial Design Award for the workstation - ERGON
  • Aluminco Design Award, Bronze - Industrial Design Award for the pergola project - AITHRION

Featured on https://

  • Adobe of France/UK/Spain
  • Abduzeedo magazine
  • Design Taxi
  • Material Up
  • CodePen
  • The Perfect Grid
  • Redsn
  • The Dieline Awards
  • Packaging of the World

Speaking & Publications

  • Keynote Speaker - UI/UX Global Summit 2023, virtual conference
  • Keynote Speaker - THiS by UserTesting.com 2022, New Orleans, USA
  • Keynote Speaker - WIAD 2021, London
  • Panel Speaker - Tech Circus Skill Panel: Getting Into UX, Oct 2020
  • Keynote Speaker - UX Cambridge Meetup, Oct 2021, Feb 2019
  • Keynote Speaker - TedX University of the Aegean - The Cosmos of Design, Mar 2017
  • Organizer and Host - Behance Portfolio Review, London  2017
  • Featured - Awesome Designers 2017 by WILD studio - John Noussis #11 of 365
  • Keynote Speaker - UX Cambridge Meetup, Oct 2021, Feb 2019
  • Lightning talk Speaker - World Information Architecture Day Conference (WIAD) - MS's Thesis Presentation
  • Publication for UI/UX Design - User Interface & User eXperience Book - ISBN 9789881468789, Airbnb Project featured

On a personal note...

Other than my passion for industrial design and digital products, I'm a huge music lover, a cinema nerd and a comic book geek.

I can talk for hours about StarWars,  about the Matrix movies and geek out about film theories. My favorite one is that John Mason (Sir Sean Connery) from The Rock is actually James bond. Google it, and see how far the rabbit hole goes ;)

I've been playing the guitar for 16 years 🎸, during the pandemic I've started learning the piano 🎹 and as a kid I did stage acting and picked it up again in uni 🎭